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Killed In


Killed In is my first novel written in English. The inspiration for this book came in 2014 after I attended a conference on the Dark Net held at Chatham House, the Think Tank based in London. At the time, I did not know what the Dark Net was. I had heard stories about it but did not properly understand its implications. I left the conference with a lot of information and, more importantly, the idea to work on a novel based on this phenomenon. The title of the book is derived from Linked In, the global social media website that connects business people. Killed In is the story of an alienated and frustrated coffee shop barista called Chris Kord. Having failed to fulfil his ambitions, he becomes desperate for recognition and attempts to create the Dark Net version of Linked In. The highly efficient platform which results from his efforts becomes a formidable magnet for criminals. They praise Chris for enabling them to operate comfortably in the deepest pits of the web underworld. The barista finally gets the respect that he craves but commits a terrible mistake by seeking the help of the most dangerous gang of his platform to exact revenge against an unruly customer in his coffee shop. Chris Kord believes that the gang will simply intimidate the customer but they brutally murder him instead. Everything starts falling apart in the barista's life afterwards. 

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