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Market Dystopia


Market Dystopia is my sixth novel and the third one written in English. Releasing this novel was a very important moment in my writing career. It concluded a decade which enabled me to become one of the very few authors who has written and published six books in two different languages (three in French and three in English) in two major cities (Paris and London). This novel is certainly my darkest one. The story tears hope apart by describing a future where the value of human life is reduced to numbers calculated by a smartphone application. Market Dystopia is a criticism of the excesses of social media and the neverending obsession to gain status and recognition through them. They are prisons that lead to the creation of the Human Value Index: an application that wipes out all social media platforms created in the first quarter of the twenty-first century (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn...) and which operates on a points-based system whose criteria is defined by the elites. The numbers fluctuate like share prices on a stock exchange and if an individual's value drops below 50 points, he or she is deemed unfit to live in a global city. This equates to death at the hands of mercenaries whose mission is to enforce the "sub-fifty rule" in a world where democracy is truly finished.

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