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The Disruptors


The Disruptors is my fifth novel and the second one written in English. The inspiration for the story came from Artificial Intelligence. Since the latter has been a key foundation for many works of science fiction, the challenge that I faced was to innovate in terms of storyline and character development. I kept this in mind when I created Mark Steel, the central protagonist of The Disruptors. He is an exceptionally brilliant entrepreneur who graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and, with the help of equally talented individuals, builds Fractal; a company which becomes the world's greatest producer of Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately for Mark, he lacks common sense when it comes to understanding human nature. His most trusted lieutenants orchestrate his downfall and he is forced to leave the company. A five-year exile in London comes to an abrupt end when Mark Steel receives a call from Anthony Draver, an agent of the British secret services. Draver escorts him to a secret location in Switzerland to meet with several prominent heads of state. They explain that Fractal's mastery of Artificial Intelligence has become so incredibly powerful that it is threatening the existence of Western governments. Desperate for a solution, the heads of state ask Mark Steel for help to destroy the company that he founded and promise to provide him with all the means that he requires to do so. Revived from his stupor, the former tycoon launches a relentless war to take down Fractal and, ultimately, prevent the advent of a global dystopia.

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