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How does it happen?

There is no definite rule when it comes to creative writing. This does not mean that critical things such as the fundamentals of grammar and the rules of punctuation can be ignored, but, provided that you have a firm command of the essentials, it is up to you to imagine the worlds where you will take your readers. It is not my intention to teach you how to write a story but I can share the process that I usually follow to catch and develop the ideas that, more often than not, find their way into my novels. It is not complicated and does not have to be. The truth is that you can always be one step away from creating stories just by converting your imagination into words. And if writing seems daunting, remember this: it is probably the most accessible of all art forms. It takes special gifts and circumstances to be recognised as a talented musician, painter, sculptor, actor, singer, dancer...but writing is something that almost all of us can do. 

Below is my typical three-step creative process.


It always starts with a question. 
Usually, it will be one regarding established facts or one about unexplored themes. Analysing both often leads me to discover loopholes that fuel my creativity.

If I have an idea which I believe is worthwhile, I immediately test it through my writing. The aim is to determine whether inspiration comes easily enough to warrant a long-term effort that will produce a novel.

Once I have determined that there is enough inspiration for me to write a novel with compelling characters, I adopt a 'project mindset' since completion can only happen after a long period of time.


"You can't wait for inspiration.
You have to go after it with a club."

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