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The Human Value Index of Gordon Gekko

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

"This is an outrage! You're out of line, Gekko!" Do you remember that line in the movie Wall Street (1987)? If you watched it, you will know that this line acts as a break in one of the most dramatic speeches in film history: the praise of greed by the iconic Gordon Gekko. Decades later, this speech can still resonate as a call to arms for those convinced that capitalist principles are the only dependable tools which can convert ambition into results.

As a paragon of capitalism, Gordon Gekko was the perfect example of an aggressive specimen who understood the boundaries that his adversaries, and even his allies, would not cross. While others hesitated, he simply walked over these lines and took what he wanted. In Gekko's mind, the choice was not between good and bad. It was between gain and loss. For this reason alone, he would have fitted well within the world of Market Dystopia. After all, this is a world where global city citizens have been reduced to being nothing more than fluctuating numbers on the application called the Human Value Index. Everything and everyone is up for grabs. The London of Market Dystopia is a gigantic stock exchange where individuals fight for better HVI levels. Those in the higher ranges do it for pride and status while those in the lower ranges do it to survive. If your HVI level drops below 50 points, you're as good as dead. The mercenaries of the Valuation Office will eliminate you since your contribution to a global city will be deemed worthless.

Theoretically, there is no ceiling as to how high an HVI level can rise but the novel indicates that breaking above 2000 points is only achievable by exceptional citizens that benefit from exceptional circumstances. The word "exceptional" encompasses a host of qualities and features that are highly valued within the environments of global cities. Top-level athletes, supermodels and business magnates are among those that can reach 2000 points in Market Dystopia. However, remaining at this level is a different game and this is where Gordon Gekko would shine with unusual brilliance.

Gekko is a supreme opportunist. His ability to clinch a prize through crafty manoeuvres is what makes him dangerous. In power circles, he would not only know how to seize a coveted position but also know when to let it go while his competitors believe that it is still advantageous to have it. He is, after all, a raider and his eye would always be on the next opportunity and not on the protection of a position that will inevitably become less powerful. The Gordon Gekko of Market Dystopia would be some kind of futuristic Cesare Borgia that grabs destiny by the neck and tames it as he sees fit.

For the reasons mentioned above, I believe that the HVI level of Gordon Gekko in Market Dystopia would reach 2250 points. He would overpower Donald Trump whose HVI has been valued at 800 points in the previous blog post. If both were having a haircut, as is the case in this video, I have no doubt that Gekko would have the upper hand. Of course, I could be wrong. I'll let you decide if my valuation was right ;).

Happy Reading,

Ashley Boolell

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